Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update on WT??

** Update:  I just received a very nice email from the managing editor of Haute Handbags.  She apologized for not informing me that they decided to use my bag for the next Autumn issue, as it was more suited for that. **  Sigh of relief.... Life is good again.  Stay tuned , and keep creating. :)

Well, today I waltzed into Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of Chocolat they were holding for me.  We just watched the movie for the millionth time last night and I decided I had to read the book too so I ordered it on line immediately after the credits.  Earlier, I dropped Dave off at the newly opened Guitar Center down the road.  He was happy I was happy, albeit terribly sick with cold/flu, but I had to have the book.  I decided to check out the magazine section while I was passing by to see if by some freak chance the Haute Handbags spring edition was out yet.  Last time they put it out exactly on the release date.  But, I was secretly wanting to check out the new Stitch edition and their new bag patterns and that's when I saw it.  There it was.  Haute Handbags!  I grabbed the top copy and started flipping through the pages.  Almost frantically.  I don't think the woman next to me in the Auto Mechanics section even flinched at my behavior.  Where is it?!  I got to the end.  No Shelly Jack zebra print bag.  No Shelly Jack hand painted daisy sling.  No Shelly Jack Nashville studded guitar cross body.  Maybe I missed it.  I'll start from the back this time.  Page after page after page.  Nothing.  Not there.  How could this be?  I got the email.  "We would love another bag submission from you."  "Congratulations!! Your bag has been selected..."  They cashed my return postage check four months ago. They still had all three of my bags.  It doesn't make sense.  Nothing makes sense right now.  I'm sick. Shouldn't be driving on NyQuil.  Maybe I should cry before I go pick up Dave.  Nothing.  No tears.  Nothing.  No anger.  A bit of embarrassment.  I'm not good enough.  Who do I think I am any way?  I pay for my copy of Chocolat and leave.  Dave is looking for me when I arrive.  I'm irritated with him for that.  He gets in the car and I tell him what has happened, or has not happened.  Silence.  More humiliation.  Not from him, that's my own doing.  I've let him down.  I text my mom and give her the news.  More disappointment.  I don't want her to buy the magazine and find out my bag is not in there.  No reply.  This sucks.  We get home and I head for the computer.  I send a very nice but inquiring email to the lovely lady editor in chief who has been corresponding with me.  No reply.  What to do.  Take a nap.  Feel sick.  Eat Dorritos, entire bag.  Curl up in a ball, too boring. What would Kelly Rae do?  Amy Butler?  Anna Maria Horner?  Any other artist who takes chances? I don't know.  I crack open a very nice bottle of wine.  I go on line and Google mixed media painting ecourses.  My kitchen table is currently covered in paints, brushes, flowers, etc.  What am I doing?  What do I want to do?  Sign up for a personal session from The Sage Goddess?  Hire a life coach?  Paint.  Sew.  Blog.  All of the above.  Get a grip.  I watch a forty five minute interview with Kelly Rae Roberts on you tube,  I love her even more.  I love the quirky people interviewing her.  They are hysterical, in my mind.  A jazz singer / painter?  Really?  A web design guru/ talk show host/ artist??  Right up my alley.  I feel at home.  They ease my pain.  So, for whom ever may be reading this, Thanks.  Don't give up.  Drink wine.  Paint.  Sew.  Sing.  Blog.  Dance.  Eat Dorritos.  Maybe even cry if you have to.  But don't quit.  Keep being you.  It doesn't matter who notices or doesn't.  You are awesome.  Stay true to yourself.  Eat Chocolate.  Read Chocolat, watch Chocolat.  And Practical Magic. And Kelly Rae Roberts  And if you feel so inclined, leave a comment here.  =)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keeping The Groove...

....or at least I've been trying to keep the creative groove going!  As previously mentioned we have been on the road so much my head has been spinning.  It's all good, but not not so good for sewing, painting, blogging etc.  The last two days have been spent mostly on the couch and in bed trying to beat some sort of bug.  Today was a new day though.  A new day at home.  A new day to sew.  A new day to paint.  A new day to try and do everything at once.  Lol.  Here's what I did manage to work on.

Whipped up these cute little owl print rice and lavender bags last night.  They smell just dreamy and were oh so lovely all warmed up and resting on my sore body.

I also made a couple travel pouches before we left for our last trip.  They turned out really nice and were a cinch to make.

 The pattern for both of these projects came from the book Simple Sewing by Katie Lewis.  This book is great.  I've been sewing for years and I still love to pick up a little inspiration along the way.  It's nice to do some 'simple' sewing every now and then.  I love to design and create, but sometimes I just want to follow a quick pattern and not have to think!  The only changes I made to the two patterns were to add some lavender to the rice bags and I used snaps for one of the travel trays instead of ribbons.  Simple.  Cute.  Useful.

Today I painted.  Just like a kid.  It was wonderful.  Actually, I needed to get back in the groove since it's been a looong while since I've picked up a brush.  These little guys will be made into bean bags to hold down our beach blanket at the ocean.  It gets pretty breezy out there and ultimately the bags and shoes we put down on the corners get moved, used and shifted.  Hope this will take care of that.

Feels good to be back in the groove.  Working on new bags for the shop and a few shows coming up.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling Inspired

Finished this little purse for my niece Viv.  It really is adorable.  The pattern is Simplicity 0976.  I added a stretchy elastic pocket on the inside and used Soft and Stable to give the purse shape.  It was fun and quick to make.  Can't wait to get it to her.  My mind is already reeling with visions of future 'Vivi Bags'.   I'm predicting future Shelly Jack Handmade patterns for smaller versions of my bags.

Finishing up a few more Amy Butler Gypsy Sling bags this afternoon.   It's perfect weather for sewing here, windy, cold and rainy.  Love it :)  Stay warm!

Monday, March 10, 2014!!

Stoked!! I just found out that my Reversible Tote Bag Pattern/Tutorial made it to!!  So excited!!  Check it out =)

We're Back!

Home again.  For a minute.  Had tons of fun with these cuties :)  Lots and lots and lots to do now.  I'll be posting bag progress and new items for the shop this week.  Happy Monday!