Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Day!

What an awesome surprise to come home to!  After a long day at work there was a lovely package with my name on it waiting to be opened!  Thank you  Ms. Beckyredbarn!  Love, love, love!  What a cool surprise.  :)   The photography is awesome. (Unlike my blurry iPhone pic here)  When I visit I always catch a glimpse of what I miss in the North.  Check out her blog here and see for yourself!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Daisy!!!

My new baby!!!  I am soo in love!!   This one is mine (yay!) but you too can rock a giant hand painted daisy tote in your choice of daisy color to boot!  Head over HERE to place your order!  Have a fabulous week.  Think I'll take my daisy tote on a little traveling adventure.  I'll post some pics of where it goes during it's trip :)  See you soon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


...and a new work day for me!  Started a new part time job working with materials that I love, in a place I frequent quite often!  How lucky am I :)  Finished my daisy for another tote, making copies to transfer as well.  The sewing and construction will have to wait until tomorrow though.  Have a great day everyone!

...and Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Fear

No Fear.  I think of the Terri Clarks song as I type this.  What ever happened to Terri Clark?  Is she still around?  Great voice.  Great song.  Taking the hint from a few of the other blogs I follow, I am pushing past this thing called fear.   Sounds silly, but I guess this is what kept me from doing some of the things I reeeeeallllllly wanted to do with my bags.  Every time I'm in the magazine section at Barnes and Nobel or JoAnn Fabric I scan the shelves for the lates issues of Stitch, Haute Handbags, Altered and the like.  Sometimes I buy them, sometimes not.  They are more like investments (cost) in books rather than the latest issue of a magazine you would just pick up.  Each time I flip through the pages of handcrafted inspiration I imagine my work on the pages.  I designed and sold an awesome, unusual garage sale/vendor style apron years ago.  I wanted to submit it to the Apronology magazine for years.  Years.  Really.  I would look at the magazine, read about the submission deadline, and watch it come and go.  Last month, when scanning the pages, there it was.  My apron.  Well, not MY apron, but a version of it.  What was I expecting?  It had been years.  I sold them to shop owners, teachers, etc.  But never submitted my work.   Well, I guess that was the first kick in the butt I needed.  So, I finally did something about it instead of looking and longing.  I kicked myself in gear and got my "shit" together and submitted some Shelly Jack Handmade bags!   Wooop Woooop!!!!  Three cheers for me!! Lol :)  Who knows what will come of it.  Maybe publication, maybe rejection and nothing at all.  But the feeling of accomplishment that I am floating on right now is worth all of it.  I have to say it was scary, stressful, a lot of hard work, and intimidating.  The very day that I decided to submit my work, I saw a bag almost identical in theory (and a bit in appearance) to mine in a different publication.  Seriously.  And, the persons pic/pattern was from my home town.  Yep.  AND, my bag was created last June, posted all over my blog and store and FB, hers, later in the fall.   I screamed, kicked, cried, pouted, and then said NO..."f%## it"!!  I'm sending it in.  Everything in me was screaming to send MY bags in.  So I did =)  SO I DID.  OMG  LOL.  Stay tuned :)
The smaller bag is my own hand painted sunflower.  I'm taking pre orders over at my etsy shop  if you'd like your very own.  I will also take orders for the larger one as well.  Just send me a message.  That one is hand appliqu├ęd from designer quilted fabric.  Ok, well we shall see where this leads.  I feel braver already.  No Fear.  :)