Monday, February 24, 2014

New Bags, New Books & Travels

Where does time go?  Seriously.  We have been travelling fiends this new year.  In between road trip jaunts I've been a sewing maniac.  It's a crazy life but a good one.  Made a couple of Amy Butler Gypsy Slings for gifts.  These things are way cool.  Mine is cut out and waiting for me to bring it to life.

I Also had the chance to sew a few more adorable Abbey Glassenburg Rubber Duckies.  These things are hysterically cute.  I think it's the way I place the eyes.  They crack me up.

Snuck a few bibs in too.

My travelling work shop set up in the hotel!  Lol.  

I've really been working hard at sticking to my nutrition plan.  Hence the Vitamix & cooler.  Down about five pounds and have lost an inch in my measurements!  I even put miles on the hotel tread mill to keep focused.  (What vodka?)

Here are a couple more bag creations.  My brother requested a dopp bag large enough to hold full size shampoo bottles so this is for him.

Thats my gypsy sling fabric on the right and three amazing new sewing books I picked up.  More on those later.

I looked every where for this pattern and couldnt find it.  It looks very basic so I just made my own.  I love how I did the interior with the snap closure and pockets.  The straps are just a tad too wide, they slide off my shoulder.    You cant tell from the picture but I quilted around the flowers.  

This is next on the list if we can stay home for more than a couple days.

I am in LOVE with this little girl purse!  It's Simplicity 0976 and I'm making it for my little niece.  She happens to be a little tomboy and her favorite color is blue!   So, When I saw this adorable blue pirate fabric It had her name all over it.  The green and white polka dot will be the bow and the lining.  So excited to make this!  

Well, thaaaat's all for now folks!  Have a fabulous week.  Next post will have pics of the pirate bag along with the sewing books reviews.  Happy Monday!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

My slight obsession with the color pink this year revealed through my photo album and creations.  Who knew?

 (Pink cheeks from yummy sangria)

Guess the evidence is irrefutable!