Saturday, April 9, 2016


Good Morning!

I've been wanting to get the  message out about plastic ever since I saw Jeff Bridges FB video for the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  It's a real eye opener.  So much so that I have posted the video on my personal and Shelly Jack Handade FB pages.  I've even removed my Peek A Boo travel pouch pattern, which called for clear plastic vinyl,  that I offered for sale from my on line stores.  It's a start.  Now that I live just five minutes from the ocean, it hits even closer to home.  Ultimately though, this is about human kind, this stuff ends up in our bodies causing all kinds of health problems.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a real challenge.  As I look around my personal environment, plastic is everywhere.  I can't even type this message without looking through the plastic lenses of my glasses or type it here without the plastic keys on my keyboard.  Right now as I write this my husband is installing "environmental friendly, low carbon footprint flooring" in our home.  While he is carrying in the boxes I see that they are wrapped in plastic.

My mom recently bought this wood sign for me.  I thought it was kind of funny but weird at the same time. Today I make it my mantra to do my very best, in doing my part, to help combat the very serious plastic crisis.  I hope that you will join me in my effort and start by at least watching the video.  Also, check out my free Reusable Reversible Tote Bag pattern to start making and carrying your own market bags.

Once again, as always, thank you for reading and watching.

Monday, March 28, 2016


I'm back!  What a whirl wind life has been!  New move to Florida, new home and a new sewing studio/room!  Which means sewing and a little painting, along with house renovations, mostly a lot of house stuff.  I'm so glad to be back into a normal routine and doing all the things I love.  It feels good.  It is good.  Thanks for reading!  Here's a small sample of what's been going on creatively lately!  =)

I met Amy Butler!!  Such a sweet soul and an amazingly creative lady.  This was back in September at the SHINE conference.  

A little Flora Bowley  Bloom True E-Course Painting going on (I am an affiliate, check it out!).  Only first layers here.   This was something I had been waiting a long while to be able to do.  I have about six or seven canvases going on right now!  The whole process is amazing.  Very therapeutic.  I love it.  You will see more of the progress here in the coming months.

My first attempt at FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing)

 Second attempt at FPP.  Took a Craftsy class this time.

Birthday presents for my Gators fan nephew! 

Baby gifts.  Divided Basket pattern by Noodlehead.

Moo moo on mannequin.  I wanted a night gown, and that's pretty much what I made.  I wear it when I get out of the shower.  Pattern is below, New Look 6889 View D.

Pajama Eater for my niece.  Had fun with that one!

Bunny obsession.  Pattern by Jennifer Jangles, Little Love Bunnies.

Monsters and Bunnies go together right?  Pajama Eater pattern by Sew Fearless.  

Something for me, Zip and Go Bag.  I'm once again obsessed.  Pattern by Dog Under My Desk.

Found a 'Sewing' lady in the window smack in the middle of Bike Week!!  How cool is that!

Took some time to get grounded and energized under the last full moon.  Spectacular show as usual.   Out of a hundred photo shots that I took, this is the best one.  Really need to learn how to use my camera.   Until next time....Good Night =)