Friday, September 28, 2012

Burn Out

Stayed up way too late working on a new banner for my blog, which I'm not entirely crazy about or even sure if it was worth all the effort. Twelve hours on the computer worth. Still in my pajamas since um...wednesday night and it's not like I'm jumping up to change that just yet. Need to finish my painting and assembling my latests bags. And feeling immobilized because I still do not have a Business Facebook page or a "Grab a button" URL for my blog page yet. Hubby's got a gig tonight and two tomorrow so I'll have plenty o time to work on things. I think I need to stop thinking for a minute and shut this thing Down! Hope your weekend is fabulous and restful. Nites...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being brave....

...and putting this out there.  Making progress, all day today is dedicated to tweaking and updating my blog, etsy and FB pages.  So, while I'm here thought I'd post what I will be finishing up tomorrow and Saturday :)  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Painted yesterday...

....sewing today! And with my creative inspiration candle lit (just made that up but really did light a candle this morning) I will attempt to combine both. Here's a sneak peak:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in the saddle...

Just not sure where I'm going today!! I can't decide if I want to sew or paint. Actually it's both. I want these flowers I painted on canvas, on another piece of canvas so I can make an apron and a bag. Which just leads me back to the Internet to figure out how that process of transferring happens. I'm trying to avoid having to heat set the paint onto the canvas because I've read that the process can be harmful to your health because of the fumes that are released. Definitely do not want that! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flying Lessons!!!

Today is the first day of my Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts!!  I'm so excited!  It's a creative art business e-course and I've already met so many awesome creative women from around the world and have picked up a few blog appearance tips.  All before the course officially started!  This is going to be great and life changing!  Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts in advance and thank you all you lovely, creative, artsy, daring women who are learing to fly with me!!  Here we go!!!

I took this shot last week on the beach in Florida :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doing It...

To quote a three year old little boy from years ago "I'm having fun! I'm having fun! I'm having fun!" ......

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


....sewing going on around here. These spooky things are for the little gobblins who are my little niece and nephews and cousins. I love these Halloween projects, so fun!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ramblings of a Gypsy....

I took this picture last week.  I feel as if I'm coasting through the days in some one elses life. I haven't driven my own car in so long I don't even recall when the last time I was in it or where I even went. And this car is only one I've had for about a year now. We are traveling so much for Dave's work I never unpack. So I live out of my suitcases and cosmetic bags even when we are home. Home. Is it really here in this second apartment we've rented since moving to Nashville last July? Home is where the heart is right? A major part of my heart is in Michigan where my son is. Another part is in Rochester, Mi where I bought my very own home on my own and raised my boys for ten years. My old trusty Explorer is in Michigan, being driven by someone I do not know now. Another big part of my heart is in Tennessee at the university where my youngest son is. Dave and my mother in law have a home in Florida where I love the ocean. My heart feels at home when I'm standing on the shore with my toes in the waves. My heart is yearning to paint. I have almost everything I need to get started. Except time. Quality time. My heart wants to get going and start pushing my etsy shop further with my bags. Only to have to shut it down and put it on 'vacation mode' until our return from the latest road trip. Without my steady second income any longer we are now on a diet, blessing in disguise I suppose. Dave's job is our bread and and butter. I am very, extremely, grateful for his generosity and support. We support a lot of other people besides ourselves and have become quiet good at juggling. My choice is to travel with my husband as opposed to working at a low paying mediocre job and be left alone for days by myself in a state, town where I know no one. I see him excelling and doing well in his career. Every Saturday he does what he loves and plays drums the entire day and night at a paying gig downtown. My heart is happy for him. My son is doing what he loves and doing it fantastically at university. He will go far. My heart is exceedingly happy for him. My oldest son is doing very well in Michigan at his job and will start college again soon to move further in his education and employment and future. He is engaged to be married to the most awesome, loveable girl ever. My heart is so happy for him, them, they are so awesome and have so much to look forward to. I am a gypsy right now. I want my heart to be happy for me. I want to paint. I want to sew. I want to sell. I want to blog. I want to be successful. I want to provide and take pride once again in the things that I accomplish. It will happen. Send good thoughts and vibes and energy my way. Send money. Send encouragement. Send a comment. Visit my store.  Buy a bag.  It's my blog, I can say what I want :)  I wish you all well. I wish you all success. I wish you all love and courage. This is my journal entry out to the universe.... Into the mystic.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The sky..

...Today over Neylan stadium after the game next to our hotel. Creepyish ..