Monday, October 20, 2014

Room With A View

This has been the view from my balcony this weekend.  Actually, I chose to enjoy a majestic pink orange sunset without looking through a lens the other night as well.  I am so in love with this view of ours!

Who does this?  Does any one know what kind of birds those are?  And where the heck to they keep those kinds of birds..  Must have very large cages.  Can you imagine the poop!  LOL

Anyway, that was totally awesome to see.

The next morning I awoke to this!  For real.  I was waving like crazy.  Like a crazy woman in her pajamas and slippers at 7:30 am!  They had to see me.  There is NO WAY they didn't.  Maybe they were more concerned with passing over my building than waving to me!! Again LOL

I feel like at this point they saw me, but then realized how close they actually were to the building!

Our awesome pumpkin!  I made Dave pay extra for that stem!  So spoiled!  But seriously, this made my day =)

Last but not least by any means, here is my doctor bag!  I love how it turned out, even though it is MUCH smaller than I thought it would be.  Don't ask me why.  I read the pattern and instructions.  Not sure why I thought all tubular hardware came in one size!  Seriously, I know better, but I actually made the bag and then checked to see what size my bag frame really was.  Too big.  Of course.  Oh well, a little tweaking and I think it will work out just fine.

I have been following Sara Lawson's Sew Sweetness blog Purse Palooza and one of her daily questions for a give away inspired me to dig this hardware out and give a tapestry bag a shot.  Check out her blog all you bag/sewing enthusiasts!  Much inspiration to be had over there!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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