Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi Friends!

Helloooo!  We have moved.  We have vacationed.  We have traveled extensively.  Here is the view from my balcony this evening.  Oh how I wish I could fly =)  Missed being here.  Will pick up momentum again soon!  Getting settled.  Enjoying the summer.  Hope you are too!

Monday, June 16, 2014

PJ's made from "vintage" sewing pattern and denial

I'm in denial.  First, I can't believe that my trusty little boy pj pattern that I used so many times for my boys is now considered "vintage"!  What?  I know.  Well, my oldest is twenty three.  But vintage!  Lol.  Where the heck does time go?  Second, I should absolutely be packing and purging right now but I have "analysis paralysis".  We are moving.  Again.  In two weeks.  Denial.  This makes our fourth move in the three years that we have been here.  Ugh.  I made Dave promise me that this is it.  Next move is final.  We need roots.  Until then, I am proof that "home is where the heart is".  

Here are the little jammies I made for our adorable nephew who is turning one this month.  I also made him a 'little guy' back pack.  No pattern for that, just winged it.  Inspiration from pics on the internet and a ladies back pack pattern that I already had.  Simplicity1823.  PJ's are from my "vintage" pattern See & Sew 3297.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  I'm off to pack now....or maybe a quick paddle board ;)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

On a little vaca.  Well, vaca for me, mostly work for hubby.  It was a long two weeks, but nice.   Just a glimpse here.

Look at the picture above and below.  See any similarities? Crazy!

(I ordered this salad for breakfast one morning.  Looks great right?  There are eggs, bacon, cheese, veggies.  Basically an omelet without the butter.  You would have thought I asked the waitress for Frankenstein balls.  Seriously.  Totally threw her for a loop.  Mimosa please.  Orange juice is good for you.)

I will reflect back on these moments over the next three crazy months.  Lot's of change taking place this summer.  Business and personal.  All good.  Life is good.  Thank goodness for flowers, oceans, rivers, beaches, beach bags, bikes, books, good food and alcohol.  =)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Patchwork Tote Completed

Finally finished the patchwork tote that I started a few weeks ago.  It was all inspired by this post and tutorial by Sherri of Thread Riding Hood.   I love how it turned out.  I love that it actually turned out lol.  I almost lost hope.  Not really a patchwork or quilter, I ran into a few challenges along the way.  I suppose if I would have followed the directions that would have helped.  But no, always have to be a little different and make things much larger, mine finished at 20" wide by 16" tall and is 6" deep at the bottom! I probably shouldn't have been watching Ancient Aliens while I was attempting this either.  I tend to get sucked into that, being a mystic junkie and all.  Back to the bag.  The strips of fabric do not match up exactly on the sides, hence no side view pic.  Somehow I cut one or two strips a tad too wide.  And the grommet holes.  Don't even want to talk about it.  My tote is extra sturdy because I used Annies soft and stable along with interfacing along with a canvas liner.  I know, a little over kill, but hey, sew and learn.  So, it was super thick and I had much cutting out of layers and ended up buying curtain ring things to cover the holes.  All in all, I really love how it turned out and can't wait to fill it up on our next trip.  What do you think?

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mothers Day everyone!  Today is a beautiful day here.  Sunny and warm.  Feeling sunny and warm inside too.  So, I am extending my Moms Day sale over at my Shelly Jack Handmade etsy shop through May 18.  Just head over here and type in the coupon code MOM20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order.  A few things have sold or sold out (thank you for that!) but I'll have some new summer totes and cosmetic bags out this week!

 New fabrics for summer!

  Patchwork sewing tote almost done!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1st AND a COUPON!

May 1st.  May 1st?  MAY 1ST!  OMG.  Where oh where is the time going?!?  Been spending as much time in the sewing studio as possible before the next road trip.  So, there are a few new things up over in my etsy shop Shelly Jack Handmade.  Some really, really, really cool things I might add =)  In honor of May, and Mothers Day, here's a coupon code just for you!  Enter MOM20 at checkout HERE and receive 20% off your entire order!  That's right, 20% off everything.  Offer good through May 12.  Happy May 1.  =)

Here's a peek:

Get yours HERE :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Shorts and Stuff

It has been crazy as usual around here.  Managed to make a few things for me, myself and I.  Love that.  New lounge shorts made out of seer sucker.  Used the Lakeside Pajamas pattern by Grainline Studio for these.  Have plans to make about fifty more!  Love these!  Tip:  I went two sizes up on the pattern.  Washed and dryed the fabric first and they actually shrank even more after the second washing!

A new bag that I carry everywhere, with everything in it, all the time lately.  My mom in law let me borrow her machine so I could make this when we were in Florida.  I just had to have it.  Now.  Lol  I'm addicted to instant pdf downloadable patterns these days, instant gratification.  This one I found here at V and Co - The Beach Bag PDF.  Super easy and quick.

Picked up this awesome Michael Miller fabric for a steal at my favorite textile shop during their awesome remnant sale.  Needed a new pillow case for my car/travel pillow.  Perfect.  I watched this youtube  video tutorial by allpeoplequilt and adjusted the measurements to fit my smaller pillow.

That's all for now folks.  What have you been up to?  Have a great week!