Friday, January 17, 2014

Feeling A Little Blue?

Me too!  I've got so many projects and new ideas going on there's no time for sickness!  Been fighting off a flu cold bug all week :/  So, feeling a little blue got me thinking about the color blue, which in turn turned into this cute little blueness under 'proDUCKtion'.  Sorry, had to say it lol.  Blue is my little niece Vivs favorite color, or at least it was last week.   She will be getting the finished ducky in the mail as a surprise along with her 'pasghetti' she requested :)  Hope you are feeling well and your weekend is off to a fabulous start!

A few other 'blue' projects going on in my sewing space.

I'll post the finished blue projects soon!  Couldn't wait….here he is…. Blue Ducky =)

You can get the Abbey Glassenberg Rubber Duck pattern over here.  This is just too cute.   If you are not a sewer and would like one custom made, leave me a message over at my etsy shop and request a custom order.

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