Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ahoy Mate!

I'm back!  We took a short five day road trip to the North and East.  Fun!  Most people are trying to get out of winter, not us, we headed straight into it!  I'm sure I was the only happy one about the weather, hehe.  What can I say, I love snow!  We went from Kalamazoo, MI to Baltimore, MD to Washington DC to North Carolina and back to Nashville, TN.  Whew!  Now that's a road trip!  Here are a few shots of our cold journey.  Most of these are from my new favorite destination, Baltimore Maryland.  I must have lived in or near Little Italy and Fells Point in another lifetime because I felt right at home and fell in love immediately!  Have a look and check back later this week for updates on the launch of my two new pdf sewing patterns.  Back to work and the drawing board for me!  Cheers.

Ahh, snow!

So far not too bad…for the passenger lol.

Arrived to Baltimore safely….11 hours later :/ poor Dave!

The Wharf Rat in Fells Point.  Amazing!  Building circa 1700's.   Haunted of course!  We swear there is a mans face in the middle row of windows, second one from right!  See him?

Look at the pirate orb following Dave! 

 Huge fireplace

Cool bar and fantastic fish & chips!

A little wine before trekking around.

So Handsome!

 So COLD!!!

I thought this looked like a frozen octopus!

The streets are the original Belgian block.

Dave headed to warmer shelter!  

The USS Constellation.  The only remaining ship from the Civil War.

"Can we pleeeease go inside?"

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