Monday, January 13, 2014

Bag Pattern Review

Part of my 'new year' resolution is to clean up and clear out some of my stash.  Cleaning is the easy part, but 'clearing out', not so much!  So, while I was cleaning I came across my collection of bag and tote patterns and books.  I'm a huge Amy Butler fan and have made quite a few of her totes.  Love!   This time I decided to try out a different designer.  I bought this book "Bags The Modern Classics" by Sue Kim

some time ago and just never got around to making anything in it.  Well, I finished the "Metro Shopping Bag" today using Amy Butler fabric of course.  For the handles I used scrap leather pieces I had and I also added an extra hidden lining of canvas for durability.   It came together pretty easily and I would recommend it even for a beginner, a patient beginner.  I say that because there were a couple of things I found a bit confusing.  One being the actual pattern pieces in the back of the book.  It took some time to really look at the pieces to figure out which ones were the ones I needed.  There are two large sheets in the back with the patterns printed on it and you are suppose to find the pieces required and trace the pattern pieces onto another piece of paper.  After I figured out which ones were for the Metro Shopping Bag, I just folded up around the outlines and copied them on my printer.  It was much easier that way.  The other being what seam allowance to sew with.  Once I had everything all cut out and ready to begin sewing, I couldn't find the sewing seam allowance anywhere.  So, I just looked at the pictures and figured it must be 1/2" and made adjustments accordingly.  I think I was right as I had no problems after that at all.  Here's my finished bag.   It turned out really cute.  What do you think?  


  1. Hello,
    cute bag indeed! Thanks for sharing your review of the pattern.

  2. Hi Shelly Jack,
    This is a great pattern! I like the shape of it. Thanks for the review and tips!
    Val @