Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

On a little vaca.  Well, vaca for me, mostly work for hubby.  It was a long two weeks, but nice.   Just a glimpse here.

Look at the picture above and below.  See any similarities? Crazy!

(I ordered this salad for breakfast one morning.  Looks great right?  There are eggs, bacon, cheese, veggies.  Basically an omelet without the butter.  You would have thought I asked the waitress for Frankenstein balls.  Seriously.  Totally threw her for a loop.  Mimosa please.  Orange juice is good for you.)

I will reflect back on these moments over the next three crazy months.  Lot's of change taking place this summer.  Business and personal.  All good.  Life is good.  Thank goodness for flowers, oceans, rivers, beaches, beach bags, bikes, books, good food and alcohol.  =)


  1. Visiting from the Sew Darn Crafty link up. I can't think of any woe that the beach and a nice glass(bottle?) of wine can't take care of :) Salad for breakfast??! What a novel idea. Makes sense to me! Heck...I have pizza for breakfast sometimes.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting! I'm heading over to check out your page =) Love that Crafty Link up!