Monday, June 16, 2014

PJ's made from "vintage" sewing pattern and denial

I'm in denial.  First, I can't believe that my trusty little boy pj pattern that I used so many times for my boys is now considered "vintage"!  What?  I know.  Well, my oldest is twenty three.  But vintage!  Lol.  Where the heck does time go?  Second, I should absolutely be packing and purging right now but I have "analysis paralysis".  We are moving.  Again.  In two weeks.  Denial.  This makes our fourth move in the three years that we have been here.  Ugh.  I made Dave promise me that this is it.  Next move is final.  We need roots.  Until then, I am proof that "home is where the heart is".  

Here are the little jammies I made for our adorable nephew who is turning one this month.  I also made him a 'little guy' back pack.  No pattern for that, just winged it.  Inspiration from pics on the internet and a ladies back pack pattern that I already had.  Simplicity1823.  PJ's are from my "vintage" pattern See & Sew 3297.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  I'm off to pack now....or maybe a quick paddle board ;)

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