Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Soul Path

I love when mystical things flow and happen.  They shouldn't surprise me or leave me in awe, but they always do.  A few weeks ago I painted.  A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful crescent moon necklace and some magical bath salts from this etsy shop  I randomly came across.  This stuff is amazing.  Just gorgeous.  The salts smell so good and dreamy!  Anyway, I have been checking in on the web site and wearing my moon necklace and using my salts.  And, I have been contemplating my "Soul Path".  There are so many things that I am passionate about like sewing, traveling, family, spirituality, health, art and so on.  I've also been feeling a little antsy about what I should be focusing so much of my time on.  We travel like crazy, my husband and I, and I like it.  But it makes it difficult for me to really pour myself into any kind of crafty business on a serious basis.  So I've decided to just enjoy what I do without the pressure of having to turn everything creative in my life into something to sell.  That puts too much pressure on me and sets me up to feel like a failure if I don't happen to sell much.  I enjoy creating, I enjoy sharing my talent.  I enjoy traveling.  I enjoy the mystical.  Here is the painting (my first mixed media on canvas) that I did.  The night I did this painting, I left a space in the center of it with the intention of completing it in the morning.  There are butterflies and flowers and a sun/moon all in the picture.  I set it on the mantle and left it over night.  When I got up to look at it the next day, to my surprise, I noticed a shadowy figure in the spot that I left bare.  It looks like a body with with wings walking on a path.  I'm not kidding.  My husband noticed it too.  I had been planning on stamping "Soul" something on it when it was finished.   So Soul Path is what I decided when I saw that.  It looks like an angel walking through a garden.  I love it.  I believe my muse or angel was helping me out there.  I love the mystical.  My husband and I have a favorite song that we dance to all the time,  Free Into The Mystic by Zac Brown Band / Van Morrison.  It's so us.

Tonight I will be participating in a video group all about finding your "Soul Path".  Coincidence?  I like to think not :)  Happy lunar eclipse.  Here is my painting.  Anyone else have a soul path story?

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