Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moving Right Along...

...with more new beginings. New year, new month, new house, new diet! I never want to be as sick as I was these past few weeks. Weeks! Nope, not if I can help it. So Mr. Husband and I have a new diet/ life style goin on, starting right now. Thank you Vitamix. Thank you Dr. Oz. Our first super duper excellent health promoting blasting orange with pith, pineapple, banana, kale, plant based protien powder smoothie! It was DE lICIOUS! And filling to boot. Pilates machine calling my name so gotta run. Have a fabulous healthy weekend where ever you may be. Looking forward to seeing how this affects my creative side and business ventures:) Ciao!


  1. What a good start! Keep us updated from week to week on how it is going, ok? So many of us looking for inspiration.

  2. Good for all looks great! I have been thinking the same thing. It is time to focus on health and wellness and staying that way. You inspire me! June Maddox

    1. Thanks June! These healthy smoothies are working out great! I look forward to making them and drinking them. Who knew! Thank you for the encouragement :)