Friday, September 28, 2012

Burn Out

Stayed up way too late working on a new banner for my blog, which I'm not entirely crazy about or even sure if it was worth all the effort. Twelve hours on the computer worth. Still in my pajamas since um...wednesday night and it's not like I'm jumping up to change that just yet. Need to finish my painting and assembling my latests bags. And feeling immobilized because I still do not have a Business Facebook page or a "Grab a button" URL for my blog page yet. Hubby's got a gig tonight and two tomorrow so I'll have plenty o time to work on things. I think I need to stop thinking for a minute and shut this thing Down! Hope your weekend is fabulous and restful. Nites...


  1. Hi,
    Totally loved your post. I can relate to being in pajamas for days, glued to the computer chair. Especially on this course. I, too, don't have a badge or button with a grab thing. I'm impressed you managed to do a banner. I think 12 hours is good! (And it's very nice and colorful, by the way!) I don't have a banner and I don't know how to put on a little button that says FB or Pinterest on my blog page.

    Anywayyyy...all of this is to say: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! lol

    Hope you have a great night. :)
    -Becky - a fellow flier.

  2. love your post and blog Shelly! And like you and Becky- I am still new at this and don't have those extra buttons and links yet. It can get overwhelming and time consuming! But I am loving the process and looking forward to the day I say "oh this is so easy"