Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in the saddle...

Just not sure where I'm going today!! I can't decide if I want to sew or paint. Actually it's both. I want these flowers I painted on canvas, on another piece of canvas so I can make an apron and a bag. Which just leads me back to the Internet to figure out how that process of transferring happens. I'm trying to avoid having to heat set the paint onto the canvas because I've read that the process can be harmful to your health because of the fumes that are released. Definitely do not want that! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!


  1. Shelly your flowers are beautiful - what about scanning them onto a png or gif file and then printing that onto iron on transfer paper/fabric?

  2. Thank you Karen. I have been looking into different types of transfer sheets. I also experimented with different techniques of painting right on the fabric itself this afternoon. It's coming along nicely :) Thanks again!

  3. I am interested in what you find out....please share!!!

    1. Kelly I will let you know how the painted canvas holds up after I assemble the bag! Will be working on it this week :)