Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

I fell in love with this "Ghastly's" print by Alexander Henry the minute I first laid eyes on it!  Well, I finally made myself the purse I had been envisioning since I bought the fabric.  I am in love!  All month I have been following Sew Sweetness: Purse Palooza 2013 and admiring all the awesome bags, pattern reviews and coveted daily give away prizes.  After all that inspiration I decided to take an online Craftsy course by Brett Bara, Design Your Own Handbag.  I had been feeling in a bit of a rut with my own bag creations/designs and thought maybe I could learn a new thing or two here.  Well, I did!  First, I learned how to make and install a recessed zipper.  Second, I used a canvas interlining for the first time.  I also installed an open cell phone pocket on the back exterior using a zipper technique I already knew of just leaving out the zipper.  Love, love, love how everything turned out!  Here's my new Ghastly bag :)  I can see more of these in the future, it is the perfect size!  I'm thinking spring already, golf cart theme!  Happy Halloween everyone!