Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall Bag

Loving my new fall tote! I'm pleased with the bottle holder pocket I put on the inside.  Tried a different zip top with tab and am loving that too!  Oh, and I also put a wide leather strip on the bottom.  The fabric is sort of like a fancy burlap with chenille zebra patches.  The leather will protect the bottom when I set it down.  All in all, my leather craftsmanship is coming right along and has inspired me to try out my small industrial machine.

The past few weeks of summer have been a whirlwind of good times, laughter and love here.  The house is quiet here once again.  Time to regroup and get creating!  I've also created a new board over on my Pinterest page...Shelly Jack Handmade photos.  Posted pics of what I've made this past year. Crazy!  It's not everything I've done, but sheesh!  Lol.  Lots of fun :)

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