Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Through The Week...

Getting through the week rather quickly!  All because of my new dry erase board!  Seriously, I was so out of focus and scattered for a bit here, my husband suggested that I get a dry erase board to hang on the wall.  This way I can 'see' what is priority and what has to be done.  Sounds simple I know but Ta Da!!!  Lol.  This gorgeous burnt orange daisy bag is for my mom.  A late Mothers Day gift, combined with an early birthday gift.  Hope that redeems me ;)  Any way, this is the second from the bottom item on my list!  My list that is to be completed for this week.  I will be done with this bag today!  Will start and finish the last item on my list by tomorrow....erase.....erase.....  So I am planning on making a shirt for my awesome man with all that extra time I will have on Saturday =)

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