Monday, November 12, 2012

The Regularly Scheduled Program...

....will return shortly :) In the meantime here's a shot I took of my husband and mom in law not too long ago. It looks so peaceful to me. Sometimes you just have to take a walk and look around at the beauty that is always there. Even while we travel, work, shop, sleep. I can't walk the beach tonight, but I can still breath deep and appreciate :) Peace.


  1. So True. I have a thing about clouds...sometimes we just get so busy we don't see it. What a beautiful place to take a walk.

    1. Hi June! I love beautiful clouds too. And the ocean and beach :) Life gets crazy sometimes for sure. Thanks for the comment, been feeling out of touch here a bit. Heading over to your blog to take a peek and see what you've been up to :) Have a fabulous day!