Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vanity Kit

It's a good thing they have one of these at the hotel I'm staying in for the next few days....because this is what is packed in my suit case :)

Yes, I actually brought my sewing machine and all the necessary materials and supplies on this trip.  Crazy, yes.  But what the heck else would I do in this 100 plus degree weather??  Lay at the pool?  Well, so far I have spent the entire morning on my lap top and ipad working on my etsy shop banner.  It had to be done.  Baby steps.  Speaking of baby, the blue material in the pic below is baby diaper water proof lining!  How cool is that.  There wasn't anything like that 21 years ago when I wanted it!  I've used this for lining my toiletry bag.  Hope you are staying cool where ever you are.  And yes, that is my under wear under the tape measure kit!!  See ya!


  1. I think you must be at a Holiday Inn bcuz the same hotel sundries/toiletries are in my vanity kit after I put them in my bag last week after staying at Holiday Inn Express in Daytona.. I really need a bag with that waterproof lining! We just got to the pool with Vivian (its 102 here) and her water sippy cup just spilled in my bag soaking everything. It would also make cleaning grime from the bottom off my bag without a washing machine. Happy sewing...get out the machine...its too hot for the me, ive wiped this screen 3 times already from sweat drops...made it hard to type and scroll!!!! Cheers!!!! <3

  2. Sundries! I have a blue lined bag for you :)