Thursday, June 28, 2012

So it's been seven months or so since my last post.....been a little busy I suppose ;)  But here I am today, and this is whats for dinner!!  Mmmmmm....  It smells amazing!  Got the recipe from Ina Garten on the Food Network channel.  It's her lemon chicken recipe, comes complete with a video so you can't go wrong!  Yum yum yum.... Short and sweet here, gotta dig into that chicken.  See you soon!  Oh, if you haven't already seen my Pinterest or Facebook postings, I'm back up and running on etsy .  Check it out when you have a minute and let me know what ya think!  Thanks & bon appetit!!! 


  1. Hey Shelly-Dinner looks great! I hope you guys are doing well. It was 109 here in Missouri today. It is going to be that way for the next few days. Hot Hot Hot! It is always good to hear from you! Talk again soon. Your old buddy from MI!
    April :-)

  2. April!! So nice to hear from you! It's super hot here in TN too, 109 yesterday like Missouri! Keep in touch, I'd love to hear what's going on with you too :) I've got a ton of stuff that I'm working on right now with trying to launch my art. It's all good and I feel really lucky and blessed to be able to finally pursue it full time. Take care and shoot me a message to keep me posted!